Why strip your laundry?

Traditional methods aren’t working

Today’s detergents are leaving your soft goods dirty. Laundry stripping is a DIY soaking method that deep cleans the buildup in your fabrics and soft goods, removing dirt, grime, dyes, and other impurities. Launderful is the first to develop an all-natural, biodegradable laundry stripping powder with a gentle, science-based formula. Streamlined into a quick-pour packet, SuperSoak ensures exact measurements — which means more time for you to do what you love, and less waste in landfills. We believe in better laundry care, for everyone. With SuperSoak, you can finally start fresh.

Clean you can see

Taking the lead with Launderful

No stranger to long days and tough stains, we know how challenging it can be to get your hands on effective, affordable products with transparent ingredients. Existing mass market laundry detergents often involve a mystery mix of a long ingredient list that none of us understand. For many of us, we’ve been convinced we’ll need a stew of toxic chemicals to do the job right. At Launderful, we go deeper. We’ve looked closely at everyday laundry care products, and we’re proud to share our answer to laundry woes with our neighbors. Launderful started with an individual curiosity for a deeper clean, and it evolved into a company with a much deeper mission. Launderful is rethinking laundry practices for the modern world, because we believe our soft goods deserve safer, more effective cleaning methods — and we’re here to make it happen.

Deep cleans better than any other laundry stripping product

Freshens, fluffs, and softens your fabrics and soft goods

Reduces impact with Earth-friendly ingredients and packaging

Removes invisible odors, residues, dirt, oils, and buildup

Sustains your belongings, saves money, and maintains quality

Offers a safer, gentler, easier-to-use solution for sensitive skin

Our Story

Meet the Founder

Hi! So glad you’re here — it’s great to meet you. My name is Zoe DiStefano, and I’m the founder of Launderful. As a working mom of a now 6-year-old girl, my idea for Launderful was born after exploring TikTok after a long day and nightly childcare chores. An avid user of “CleanTok” in search of time and efficiency-busting “household hacks,” I found the hashtag #laundrystripping all over my Explore page. I was shocked (and frankly, disgusted) to see how filthy people’s clothes were after using traditional laundry care; I just couldn't look away. I thought, ‘Are MY clean clothes this dirty, too?!’ I knew I had to put the trend to the test. When I set out to try this DIY hack, I came to three roadblocks: One, I’m not a DIY’er, I’m a buyer (trust me, I’ve tried to DIY and it’s NOT a good thing for me). Two, as a working mom, I need a one-click product that not only gets results, but also takes up less space now that my space is filled with LOL dollz and slime. Three, and probably the most important — I discovered the existing laundry stripping products required to do the job are heavily toxic. With my intrigue high, I began to research more about laundry stripping and the laundry care space as a whole. I was shocked to find a gap in the market for effective products with safe ingredients at a competitive price that can actually clean, sanitize, and handle tough stains that everyone has to deal with on the daily. Through the process, I realized no one had made an all-in-one natural laundry stripping powder. I set out to change that. Our hero product, SuperSoak, a natural, biodegradable laundry stripping solution, was born. Thank you for being here with me and supporting my small business. I can’t wait to shake up the laundry aisle together.