Laundry stripping, simplified.

We know things get messy, and we don’t mind doing the dirty work. With good-for-the-Earth ingredients, your belongings will last longer and require fewer replacements. Now, it's easier than ever to come clean.

A more satisfying soak.

Deep cleans better than any other laundry stripping product

Freshens, fluffs, and softens your fabrics and soft goods

Reduces impact with Earth-friendly ingredients and packaging 

Removes invisible odors, residues, dirt, oils, and buildup

Sustains your belongings, saves money, and maintains quality

Offers a safer, gentler, easier-to-use solution for sensitive skin

A more satisfying soak.

Launderful’s stripping powder is designed to deeply clean your soft goods. A single packet works to penetrate textile fibers, remove buildup, release hard-water minerals, and loosen dirt and residue trapped in fabrics.


A better clean for busy people.

Social media may have spread the word about laundry stripping, but exact measurements differ in each post and standardized instructions cause a lot of user error. With no measurements needed, SuperSoak helps you simplify deep cleaning your laundry with a pre-mixed blend of natural ingredients.

How to use

For a clean you can see.


Separate items by color, type, or texture.


Fill your tub, sink, or top-loading washer with warm water and sprinkle powder from a single packet and stir.


Add items, fully immersing them and let sit for 8–12 hours; stir occasionally.


Ring out the water before adding to your rinse cycle in your washer; dry as usual.

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A safer way to sustain your style.

We love longevity—softer fabrics, more overall wear, and less waste in landfills. Free from harmful chemicals, fragrances, or allergens, we created a laundry stripping powder that’s equal parts eco-friendly and effective. Beyond maintenance, it’s conscious long-term care.


A more fulfilling laundry experience.

Our all-natural laundry stripping solution rejuvenates fabrics, protects colors, brightens whites, and lifts and removes stains. It’s a safer, more sustainable method for deep clean you can see, feel, and smell.

DIY Hacks SuperSoak
Natural, biodegradable ingredients — safe for us and our environment
Ready-to-pour packets — pre-measured, no calculations required
Fragrance-free — no allergens, carcinogens, dyes, or phthalates
Ethically created — made in the U.S.
Minimal packaging — saves space, less waste in landfills
SuperSoak SuperSoak SuperSoak SuperSoak SuperSoak


A non-toxic, fragrance free, biodegradable laundry pre-soak designed to deeply clean your soft goods to get rid of all that leftover residue, dirt, grime, sweat, odor and set in stains that your traditional detergent is leaving behind. A single packet works to penetrate the fibers, remove buildup, release hard-water minerals, and loosen dirt and residue trapped in fabrics.

Adding SuperSoak to your laundry routine will leave you with not only cleaner soft goods but will maintain their longevity reducing your need to replace them. 

Answers to all your questions

Laundry stripping is a deep soaking method used to remove light stains, dirt, heavy odors, and leftover residue from your traditional laundry routine. The soak works by pulling all the grime from your items and dissolving it into the water —  our proprietary formula prevents the undesirables from re-absorbing into your soft goods.

SuperSoak is non-toxic and biodegradable. It contains three natural ingredients: sodium carbonate, the mineral-based cleaner Borax (sodium bicarbonate), and our signature proprietary enzyme blend. Think of SuperSoak like a probiotic, for your soft goods.

Laundry stripping is safe for all fabrics, unless your item says” dry clean only” on its care tag. SuperSoak is gentle, though it’s best to soak spandex and other delicates for no more than 4 hours

We recommend stripping your laundry every three months or more often for heavily used or soiled items. Laundry stripping can also be useful when you have an immediate stain removal emergency.

SuperSoak works best when given the full 8 hours of soaking time. We recommend keeping the soaking time under 12 hours.

Yes! You can choose to soak your items in a bathtub, sink, or in your washing machine, if it’s a top-loader.

We recommend using only half of a packet if you have one or two items that you’d like to soak in your sink. This quick care method is a great solution for getting out a tough stain right away.

Our formula packs a very powerful punch, but we can't guarantee that it’ll work on set-in stains. The best technique for avoiding stains penetrating into fibers is to always pre-treat your items. Tackle all stains as soon as they happen! When it comes to odors, our formula will remove funky scents and make your soft goods smell super fresh.

It is important that you feel satisfied with our products and if you are disappointed with the results please reach out to our customer service team at as we don't currently accept returns on our Super Soak.