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What if we told you that your clean sheets were in fact still dirty?

Do you ever find yourself wondering why your clothes don’t feel as fresh as they should, despite your regular laundry routine? The answer might lie in the hidden residues that traditional laundry detergents leave behind. In this blog post, we’ll uncover the dirty truth and explore the signs that your laundry needs a SuperSoak rescue.

The Mystery of ‘Clean’ Clothes

Traditional laundry detergents promise a thorough clean, but more often than not, they fall short. The build-up of dirt, grime, and even dyes in your fabrics can lead to rougher textures, deteriorating fibers, and unpleasant odors that seem impossible to eliminate.

Signs Your Laundry Isn’t as Clean as You Think

Dull Colors:

If your once vibrant colors have lost their luster, it could be a sign that your clothes are holding onto residual grime and detergent.

Unpleasant Odors:

Despite washing, if your clothes still carry a lingering odor, it’s a clear indicator that your regular detergent isn’t getting the job done.

Stiff Fabrics:

Soft fabrics should feel just that – soft. If your clothes are coming out of the laundry feeling stiff, it’s a sign of built-up residue.

Frequent Stains:

Continuous struggles with stains that just won’t budge? It’s time to address the root cause of the problem.

Revolutionizing Laundry:
Why SuperSoak Is Your Solution to Truly Clean Clothes

Enter SuperSoak: A Detox for Your Laundry

Many customers have shared their amazement at the visible results when the water turns a different color but also in the feel and smell of their laundry

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Samantha C.

I first learned about laundry stripping on TikTok but really didn't want to spend the time creating the mix on my own. Enter Launderful. These individual packs are so easy to use and are so effective at getting out unseen dirt, grime, and odors. I now routinely use Super Soak on all my linens and frequently worn clothes. Highly recommend and mom-approved!

Josh L.
My towels have never been softer!

I was going to donate my old towels but wanted to try and revive them with SuoerSoak and WOW!!! They are practically brand new now. Going to super soak our couch cushions next.


I love this product, and I highly recommend it. My wife and I are hooked

Kirstin E.
Wow.. no words for my amazement.. this stuff is magic!!!

I wish I took a before/after photo because I used this product on my pillows which had maybe 10-20 years worth of yellow stains and when I tell you the pillows look brand new, like all white brand new... i'm in absolute disbelief with these results! Immediately purchased more to use supersoak on everything in my house!

Jennifer C.
Laundry stripping

Washing my dog toys and blankets with Launderful made me realize how dirty they really are, Even after running them in a regular washing machine. The sink water was completely brown after stripping. Thank you Launderful for helping up my cleaning level.

Peter B.
SuperSoak is a truly amazing

SuperSoak is a truly amazing product! It cleans laundry in a way that makes you wonder how you ever got along without it!

Hillary E.
Such a simple, easy way

Such a simple, easy way to really clean all the grime and build up on our clothes, bedding and even work out clothes! The single use pouch makes it super easy. I'm excited for the next soak!

Nina G.
I think this product is

I think this product is terrific!! I could not believe the color of the water after my laundry was soaking in Launderful! What a find! I can't wait to purchase more!


Wow... I am generally a clean person but I thought I would strip my workout clothes, baby clothes, and towels for fun just to see what would happen. GUYS, I was not expecting the results. My clothes feel 10x softer and brighter. Definitely incorporating this regularly.

Gross, but addicting.. and life changing

Honestly disgusted with myself after doing the supersoak. I used it on my white sheets and towels after they went through the wash and were supposedly clean, but the water was grey like dark grey. It's uncomfortable to realize all my laundry probably needs to be stripped at this point, but really happy I did it. My towels and sheets are much whiter and softer. I'll definitely be adding it to my laundry routine every couple months.


Fabulous product to super clean your clothes!

SuperSoak is a pre-soaking powder

Built from the traditional laundry stripper method designed to deep clean your laundry because traditional detergents are leaving your soft goods dirty. Laundry stripping is a DIY soaking method that deep cleans the buildup in your fabrics and soft goods, removing dirt, grime, dyes, and other impurities.

Launderful is the first to develop a non-toxic, biodegradable, fragrance free laundry stripping powder with a gentle, science-based formula.

We utilize targeted enzymes designed for treating specific stains and dirt. Streamlined into a quick-pour packet, SuperSoak ensures exact measurements — which means more time for you to do what you love, and less waste in landfills. We believe in better laundry care, for everyone.

With SuperSoak, you can finally start fresh

Do you ever wonder if your laundry detergent is doing its job? Are your clothes not as fresh as you’d like them to be? You’re not alone. In the world of laundry, the struggle for a deeper clean is real.

That’s where Launderful steps in with our revolutionary product - SuperSoak.

The Problem with Traditional Laundry Detergents

Many mass-market laundry detergents come with a laundry list of ingredients that seem like a mystery mix. At Launderful, we understand the challenges of finding effective, affordable products with transparent ingredients. The truth is, most of us have been convinced that only a stew of toxic chemicals can get the job done right and we’ve found that it’s actually the opposite!

Time to Rescue Your Laundry

Ready to rescue your clothes from the hidden residues that are compromising their cleanliness?

SuperSoak Benefits

Deep Clean: SuperSoak removed buildup that regular detergents can’t. They get deep into the fabric fibers, removing residual detergents, fabric softeners, body oils, dirt, sweat and hard water minerals.

Revitalized Fabrics: Over time, fabrics can become dingy and stiff. A laundry stripper can rejuvenate them, restoring softness and improving texture.

Enhanced Absorbency: For items like towels and cloth diapers, a laundry stripper can improve absorbency by removing residue that’s clogging up the fibers.

Odor Elimination: If you have clothes or linens with persistent odors, a laundry stripper can help eliminate these smells when regular washing doesn’t.

Detox’s Fibers: Items that have common use and little wash (like your sheets!) don’t get the clean they need with traditional laundry detergents. SuperSoak digs deep into the fibers to lift away all the invisible dirt that you didn’t even realize was there.

The Science Behind SuperSoak

What sets SuperSoak apart is its cleaner, biodegradable, and fragrance-free formula. We’ve streamlined it into a quick-pour packet, ensuring exact measurements every time. The science-based formula utilizes targeted enzymes to treat specific stains and dirt, leaving your clothes truly clean.

How to Use SuperSoak for Optimal Results

Using SuperSoak is a breeze:

Soak your soft goods with one packet of SuperSoak for 6 – 8 hours.

Ring out laundry and place it on your washer’s rinse cycle.

Dry as you normally would.

At Launderful, we go deeper

We’ve looked closely at everyday laundry care products, and we’re proud to share our answer to laundry woes with our neighbors.

Launderful started with an individual curiosity for a deeper clean, and it evolved into a company with a much deeper mission. Launderful is rethinking laundry practices for the modern world, because we believe our soft goods deserve safer, more effective cleaning methods — and we’re here to make it happen.

More Than a Brand

Launderful started with a curiosity for a deeper clean and evolved into a company with a mission. We’re rethinking laundry practices for the modern world because we believe your soft goods deserve safer, more effective cleaning methods.

Ready to Start Fresh?

With SuperSoak, you’re not just doing laundry; you’re investing in the longevity and cleanliness of your clothes. Join the clean revolution today and experience the Launderful difference.

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